CQHeadshot1THE ARTIST: Christina Quintana (CQ) is a New York-based writer and theater-maker with Cuban and Louisiana roots. Her postcards reflect her quirky sensibilities and eclectic influence from New York City-living, the 505 (New Mexico), her beloved Louisiana home, and beyond–which means, all of you lovely individuals.  (For more information, check out: http://cquintana.com)

THE MISSION: Ink up one blank index card at a time with personalized doodles and send them off to the people I love and strangers alike. Perpetually.

THE IDEA: I draw these postcards, each one unique, put an address and a stamp on them, but no return address. In the spirit of the Tibetan Buddhist Monks’ transitory sand paintings, if they make it, they make it.  If they don’t–you guessed it–they don’t.  (Check out “Beginnings” for more info)

THE HOPE: Brighten days with cardstock.

CONTACT:  Do you want a postcard? Do make a request! If you have any questions, concerns, or fun things to say, contact me: perpetualpostcardproject@gmail.com

FACEBOOK: On Facebook? Like what you see? Like Perpetual Postcard Project.

All photos and drawings, unless otherwise noted, are happily copy-written, C. Quintana 2010-2017


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