For Benjamin 08.21.17

Normally I love pairing postcards with poems, but lately I’ve had less poetry than postcard in me. Perhaps it has something to do with all the pages I’ve been pushing forward as of late, or maybe the eclipse is to blame, or all the tragedy and terror of He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named and the dystopia that is 2017.

I made this postcard for a dear playwright and translator who lives on an island chain in Quebec. Whenever he sends me photos of this place, it looks like a dream. It’s all beautiful bright properties, picturesque sunsets, sprawling beaches, and demands adjectives like “charming” and “gorgeous.” (I would share the name, but it’s better to imagine…)

Today post lunchtime, the streets, sidewalks, and parks of New York City were packed with people angling for a view of the eclipse. Some with their cereal boxes, some with their specialty glasses, and others taking their chances with cell phones. All hoping for a chance to glance this once-in-a-lifetime image of the moon passing over the sun.

Frankly, I love making these postcards because they are a chance to get away from words for a while. Sometimes there’s a need to forgo language and tumble into image.

Happy Solar Eclipse Day. 



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