7 Years in the City.


For Aisha 08.04.17


Today marks 7 years in New York City. I started officially logging these Perpetual Postcards roughly 6-7 months before I arrived here, so it feels right to mark the date with a new postcard.

The plan is to host a grand celebration for my 50th birthday, to which all ye recipients of postcards are invited. We will celebrate in a gallery space and I request that everyone (should you still have it) your postcard. We/I will mount each on the wall as guests arrive. At this point, I’ve made near 200 (at least well over 150), so by that point, 20 years down the line, perhaps there will be 500 or more! Consider this your Save-the-Date! (Some have suggested that I move the date to to my 40th birthday, but this is still very much TBD. We shall see…)

In any case, today I want to celebrate all the artists I know who are living and working in New York. It’s a challenging place, full of lots of amazing, but also plainly difficult when your everyday is the grind + bread & butter + life. I’ve met some incredible people in my 7 years here and I’ve grown so much as an artist and a person. I became a full adult here, I had my heart fully ripped out of its rib cage here, mourned the loss of my father here, I met Meryl Streep here, I had an incredible night on a 150-foot yacht here. I wrote and wrote, and I write and write. It feels like life is about to tip in a new direction, but I’ll keep sending postcards and I hope you hold onto them–the grand celebration will come before we know it.


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