From Her Going Away–

For Jess 02.18.15

For Jess 02.18.15

From Her Going Away–

[ 1 ]

I saw her photo and heard the party in the background—
I could still hear her voice so clearly
It strung; the sound, the memory of it.

Everyone else was blurry, drunk, laughing:
There was nothing to mourn then,
This was a send-off, a farewell for adventure,
a mostly happy occasion of see-you-soons

How to wrap your mind around a stumble-through,
a miscalculation, an oversight, error–

It must be,
or the world’s just humid with senselessness.

There are only more too many questions;
the windows desperately fogged

[ 2 ]

Showtunes for miles in that basement bar
where we gather for one reunion-in-loss;
the sort none wants, but everyone’s grateful for—
because “I haven’t seen you in _______.”

And the lyrics dance right but wrong, in funny harmony,
because the heart matters more than the words.
And why mind that he can’t play the title song
from Sweet Charity

it’s only a song

And isn’t the story in the singing,
the raucous, tipsy words spit from us all

they hug us tonight like no one can
when our arms have their limits


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