hot air balloon.

For Janice 10.23.13

For Janice 10.23.13

I’ve never actually ridden in a hot air balloon, but lately I’ve been obsessed with them. They’ve been sneaking onto my postcards. I try, hard as I might, not to repeat recognizable images too often, but this one appeared, and I loved it.

Once, years ago, I made an elaborate plan to take my girlfriend at the time on a hot air balloon ride in New Mexico. It was going to be an incredible, unforgettable, superlative-superlative time. Well, one thing led to another, and I never ended up splurging for the balloon ride. We broke up, and she wrote a song about how I always said I’d take her on one (, and never did. Luckily, she’s in a happy relationship with someone else, who I hope will take her on a hot air balloon ride someday. I’m sure it will be an epic, romantic, superlative-superlative time.

But regardless of this chain of events, or maybe even because of it, I can’t stop thinking about hot air balloons, and I’m still hankering for a ride in one.  Apparently the hot air balloon is the oldest human-carrying flight technology. The first untethered flight was performed ON MY BIRTHDAY, November 21, 1783 in Paris, France. Coincidence? Maybe. Amazing coincidence? Certainly.

There’s something magical about hot air balloons. They’re so strange, and spectacular. Part art piece, part flying machine– like something out of a storybook; a nice reminder of the everyday magic that exists in the real world.


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