Your Last/Current Relationship in One Word.

For Quirk 09.19.10 (c) C. Quintana 2010

A couple of days ago I posted a status on the F-book asking the world (AKA my friends): Give me one word to describe your last and/or current relationship. One word.

Here’s the amalgamation of what I got in response (and believe it or not, I didn’t alter the order):

Challenging.  Immature.  complicated!  Torture.  underwhelmed.  Genuine.  Fulfilling. Missing. Callipygian.  symbiosis.  eh. Really?  Butts. Intangible. Panama.  Schnice!  Betrayal.  sike!  scandalous!  Uncertain.  Inappropriate.  Starting.  short.  Poetic.  perfect.  pure.  intangible.  new.  Needed.  hotmess.

Last weekend was Collaboration Weekend for the Graduate Theatre Arts students at Columbia.  An epic production-making/get-to-know-you/hazing weekend for the department.  On one of the first meetings of the group, Anne asked us several questions and upon hearing each we had to automatically branch off to different corners of the room that stood for our responses. For example, where do you see yourself working? A. Academia (She points to the west corner) B. Not-For-Profit (She points to the east corner) C. Commercial (Etc.) D. Other– GO!

It got decidedly more personal, as you might imagine.  A practice in the power of quick decision-making.  It’s interesting to see what kind of decisions you’ll make under pressure and how much they say about you.  You might even surprise yourself– I know I did.

So what’s your word?  Take one moment (no more, no less) to think of that person.  And then the first word.  That’s it. And if you’d like to share, please do!

I’ll let you in on a little secret: mine was “Poetic.”  Because it was. It truly was.


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