For Matt 07.25.10 (c) C. Quintana 2010

“Mirabel slept with her mouth open. Like a fish. Her mother tried to scare her with stories of roaches crawling inside at all hours of the night. As if she could help it.  Her father, before he was depressed (though she couldn’t remember when that was), took a picture of her while she was sleeping once.  Asleep on the couch: that over-sized flower print couch that Mom pretended was a family heirloom to guilt trip Dad from getting rid of it. Her mouth, of course, was wide open– like a portal.  Was that when it started? How old was she then, 14? 13, maybe?”

(Remember that piece I woke up writing? This is another portion. Enjoy! If you want more, let me know.)


2 thoughts on “Excerpt.

  1. Christina:

    Thank you so much for the postcard–I just got back from a short trip to San Francisco, and it was waiting in my mailbox. I loves it big time, and I’m trying to figure out the best place to put it in my house. Based on the rich imagery, I’m trying my best to respond in some sort of artistic fashion. Perhaps an interpretive dance. Perhaps a performance-art hot dog eating contest (underwater of course).

    I bought a bunch of the 10 for $1 postcards, and started composing my own to people whose addresses I still have in an explicit demonstration of paying it forward.

    You rock most exquisitely!



    • Matt,

      I am absolutely thrilled that you are powering the snail-mail revolution! So happy that you received that card, and even more so that you love it. Just for you, my friend.

      All the best,

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