The Story of Simon the Seedless Watermelon.

Seedless Watermelons! (c) CQ 2010

So this is today’s new spin on the Perpetual Postcard Project. I got the idea for this children’s story about a seedless watermelon.  Politics aside, just the tale of a lonely little watermelon at the supermarket.  I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cool to do the story frame by frame on several postcards.  So that’s just what I did. 10 individuals will receive a piece (or page, what have you) of this story.  Just to spice it up, I’m keeping the receivers anonymous this time around.

As for everyone else, I’ve posted the entirety of the story of Simon the Seedless Watermelon (all 10 postcards) for the internet universe to enjoy. So I hope you do! As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated.  By the way, I’ve added the text in type just in case anyone has trouble reading my scrawl. Enjoy!

SSW (c) C. Quintana 2010

There was a brand new display at the local grocery store this summer. “INTRODUCING THE SEEDLESS WATERMELON,” a sign announced in big, bold, bright letters.

SSW (c) C. Quintana 2010

The display stood beside the mountain of seeded watermelons that commanded the fruit section.  Below the sign, in a bushel of fresh hay, say Simon.  All alone. Simon the seedless watermelon.

SSW (c) C. Quintana 2010

“What’s wrong with you?” One of the seeded watermelons, just before he was scooped up from atop the mountain, asked Simon.

“Nothing’s wrong with me!” Barked Simon in reply. “I’m just as green and just as big!”

SSW (c) C. Quintana 2010

But Simon didn’t know.  He wondered why he was in a separate display if he looked the same and felt the same as the other watermelons.  …At least he thought he felt the same.

SSW (c) C. Quintana 2010

The next day the store owner, Mr. Paul, marched up to Simon and whispered, “Looks like you’re in demand! It’s Fourth of July weekend!” And before Simon knew it, he was surrounded by his very own mountain of watermelons.

SSW (c) C. Quintana 2010

Simon was overjoyed! He wasn’t alone anymore. There were so many watermelons to talk to and he was so cozy! …And the watermelons at the other display suddenly didn’t have anything to say at all.

SSW (c) C. Quintana 2010

But as the day wore on, the new stack of watermelons got smaller and smaller. …But no one took Simon. Maybe that other watermelon was right. Maybe there was something wrong with him, he thought.

SSW (c) C. Quintana 2010

Simon was so sad that he barely noticed that a little girl was staring right at him! Her eyes were big, blue and curious. “Momma, this one!” She said, and reached her arms over the display to reach him.  Her arms didn’t quite make it.

SSW (c) C. Quintana 2010

The little girl’s mom looked at Simon with one eyebrow cocked.  “You sure you want this one, sweetie? It doesn’t have any seeds.”

SSW (c) C. Quintana 2010

“No seeds!” She shouted triumphantly.  The little girl smiled wide as her mom lifted Simon into the cart and rolled him to the register. (Fin)


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