Life in Technicolor.

For Sophie 04.04.10 (c) C. Quintana 2010

There’s this Coldplay song called Life in Technicolor on their Viva La Vida album– do you know it? You’ve probably heard it at some point or other.  I think Borders has a pretty solid friendship with Coldplay, so maybe that’s where you heard it.  Okay, so I actually have no idea whether or not Borders and Coldplay are besties or not, but the song definitely has some corporate bookstore appeal.

Why do I mention this song? Well, friends, I mention it because this postcard is blue. No, I’m not in a blue period (though I will admit I find the idea humorous…) I actually just happened upon a really great fine tip blue ballpoint that my boss Peggy had lying around her kitchen.  I originally intended to scan it in black-and-white, but in a happy twist of fate, the scanner chose to keep the color.  So why mess with the fates? It is Easter, after all.  A day when the escalators stop running and the elevators no longer go to the third floor of Canal Place! Madness, I know.

Another reason to mention the song is because frankly I have never had a more visceral reaction to any piece of music. My soul hurt a little bit when I found out they stole a riff from some other artist.  Whoever you are “other artist,” thank you.  Because I listen to this song and somehow the blood courses through my veins harder. A burst of memories pours over me like a hot shower and no matter where I am I feel like I’m in the independent film of my life. My senses turn on: all channels one hundred percent.

Today at the UU there was communion. Definitely the happiest version of communion I have ever seen. The Rev. Melanie smiling beneath her frizzy bob announced that everyone would line up in two queues and dip their bread in the grape juice and the person serving them would tell them, “wake up,” then the two holding the grape juice and bread would switch places with the people they served and the cycle continued.  It doesn’t sound like anything all too special, but think again.  Aren’t the most basic things often the most beautiful? There’s something truly amazing about watching a toddler hold up a plate of bread and a middle-aged man bending down with a smile to receive it from him.  It’s moments like these when I have my own personal Turner adding the color pigment into my life.  Only, it doesn’t have that unnatural look….


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